These are less developed ideas of larger topics that may eventually lead to a fully fledged blog post. This gives me a dumping ground to put ideas and continually develop them.

Just Use Pathlib

Pathlib is an amazing cross-platform path tool.ImportCreate path objectCurrent DirectoryUsers Home Directorymodule directoryOthers Let's create a path relative to our current module.Check if files existMake Directoriesrename filesList filesGlob FilesrecursivelyWrite

Filtering Pandas

queryGood for method chaining, i.e. adding more methods or filters without assigning a new variable.maskinggeneral purpose, this is probably the most common method you see in training/examplesisincapable of including multiple strings to includecontainsGood For partial matchesMASKSanything that we put inside of square brackets can be set as a variable then passed in.Operators& - and ~ - not…

Amazon Web Services

I started using aws in March 2019. Here are some of my

Digital Ocean

I love digital ocean for it's simplicity and its commitment to open source.

Making good documentation in python

ToolsSphinxPortrayI just started using portray and it is amazingly simple to use!Methodology


I have been using pyspark since March 2019, here are my thoughts.


Bash NotesBash is super powerful.File System FullShow Remaining Space on Drivesshow largest files in current directoryFuzzy One Linersedit in vimcat a filebash executegit addgit resetKill a processFinding thingsFilesfd-find is amazing for finding files, it even respects your file đŸ˜². Install with .++Vanilla BonusContent** show matching text **++Vanilla Bonus** show file names only **++Vanilla…