I am a Husband of 2 energetic Children. They are the ones that get me out of bed in the morning. Literally, no one beats Wyatt out of bed. He is our crazy, never slowing down son, who his filled with Love and Compassion. When someone is having a bad day, he is the first to notice and try to help in every way he can. He is always trying to help Ayla throughout the day. She is our little mommmy, she is caring and Sweet. She does everything with her own style, if that what you call her sas, and never goes to bed before all of her babies are asleep first. Rhiannon is my motivation. She is organized, and creative. Whether its organizing our house, or cuttinscrapshe makes the perfect place for everything, and makes sure it looks beautiful.


Quick Progress Bars in python using TQDM

September 18

tqdm is one of my favorite general purpose utility libraries in python. It allows me to see progress of multipart processes as they happen. I really like this for when I am developing something that takes some amount of time and I am unsure of performance. It allows me to be patient when the process is going well and will finish in sufficient time, and allows me to 💥 kill it and find a way to…

Clean up Your Data Science with Named Tuples

September 11

If you are a regular listener of TalkPython or PythonBytes you have hear Michael Kennedy talk about Named Tuples many times, but what are they and how do they fit into my data science workflow.ExampleAs you graduate your scripts into modules and libraries you might start to notice that you need to pass a lot of data around to all of the functions that you have created. For example if you are…

Background Tasks in Python for Data Science

September 10

This post is intended as an extension/update from background tasks in python. I started using background the week that Kenneth Reitz released it. It takes away so much boilerplate from running background tasks that I use it in more places than I probably should. After taking a look at that post today, I wanted to put a better data science example in here to help folks get started.I use it in…

Autoreload in Ipython

September 8

Autoreload in IpythonI have used %autoreload for several years now with great success and 🔥 rapid reloads. It allows me to move super fast when developing libraries and modules. They have made some great updates this year that allows class modules to be automatically be updated.What I like about autoreload🔥 Blazing Fast💥 Keeps me in the comfort of my text editor👏 Allows me to use Jupyter…

Keyboard Driven VSCode

July 7

Throw that mouse Away its time to setup some keyboard shortcuts.These sortcuts were the baseline for switching from tmux/vim to vscode. Most folks posts I was able to find gave great tips on replacing vim, but very few have focused on the hackability of tmux. tmux allows me to rapidly fire up a workspace, create new windows and splits. Then When I switch tasks I can leave that workspace open…

Realistic Git Workflow

May 27

Realistic Git Workflowsometimes things get messyThe Clean Pathpull 👉 branch 👉 format 👉 work👉 add 👉 commit 👉 pull 👉 rebase 👉 pushPullAs complicated as that seems it is pretty straight forward. When you sit down to work the first thing you do is to pull down the teams latest working "develop" branch from git.BranchNext create a new branch with a name that will remind you of what you are…


April 23

Testing out forestry.ioSorry Netlify CMSI still ♥️ your product dont beforestry is simpleI have been playing with the netlify cms for a while now and it has been a decent experience, but I really struggle configuring it. Forestry is so simple to setup. My favorite part is that I can code up my gatsby.js site , storing all editable text in markdown, and come back later and add the CMS based on…

Rewrite History with Git

February 5

rebasegit commit --amendUnstagerage unstage to wipte out history of staged commitUndo filerage quitgit reset HEAD~n removes modificationskeeps hitsory of changes and undoes themgit checkout HEAD~n -- keeps modificationsremoves history--SOFT--HARD--Mixedundo n commits backlocally before pushafter pushupdate .gitignoreafter push

It's not all about winning

February 2

This is my story into data science.The Journey BeginsI am addicted to the process of learning and improving my skills nearly to a fault. The reason I say nearly is because my addiction is fueled with results. I crave the output of my work enhance the work of others. I jump with joy as I see users gain insights they could have never imagined before. My mouth starts watering as I see their boring…

Update Git User

January 21

This morning I log into my VCS and check activity on my projects to find that someone else has been very active on my projects fo the last few weeks. I quicklyhover over the missing avatar to find that It's Me. What's wrong here, why do I look like two different people throughout the day! upon further investigation I see the issue. while setting up a new terminal environment I mistyped my email…

2019 goals

January 12

The year of intenionalityThis is a follow up to my previous post 2018-retrospectiveprofessionalThis year I will become more productive, by intensionally working on a well thought out plan, learning the right technologies, and leave behind a positive legacy.ProductivityLast year I was able to make some great strides in my productivity and focus. This year I want to be able to bring it up a notch…

2018 Retrospective

January 5

2018 was a year of many ups and downs, and learning to deal with a whole new set of problems professionally and at home. In 2018 I logged in to my first Linux system, setup my own webserver, data pipelines, database. I learned to use react and d3. Stepped up my python, javascript, and sql. At home the doctor appointments keep piling in. While I am learning to deal with it all there were several…

Do More of What Brings You Joy

January 1

Today I want to take some time to talk about the things that make me happy in my work environment. This is completely free-flow off the cuff, but are things that I do that make me happy, not having them would definitely be a deal breaker for me . AttitudeA positive work atmosphere goes a long ways. We all have enough negativity going on in our lives that is out of our control accepting any…

Generating Readme Tables From Pandas

May 16

Generating Readme Tables From PandasI commonly have a need to paste the first few lines of a dataset into a markdown file. I use two handy packages to do this, tabulate and pyperclip. Lets say I have a Pandas DataFrame in memory as df already. All I would need to do to convert the first 5 rows to markdown and copy it to the clipboard is the following.This is a super handy snippet that I use a…

Pycon 2018 Roundup

May 12

These are my notes from pycon 2018 videos. I love the python community and especially the conference talks. This year I am going to take some notes from my favorite talks and post them here.This is an Incomplete working post.Jake VanderPlas - Performance Python: Seven Strategies for Optimizing Your Numerical CodeAlways profile before making any optimizations.Vectorize with NumpyLooping in python…

D3 Day 4

May 6

Learn D3 in 5 daysFor what we are creating in these posts d3 is way overkill and very verbose, but I need to start somewhere! These are just stepping stones into real custom visualizations that cannot be done in any other tool today. I still cannot explain how excited I am to say "I created that in d3!!!"Todays ResultToday I will be learning about d3 scales, and adding them to the bar chart that…

D3 Day 3

May 5

Learn D3 in 5 daysI recently subscribed to Ben Clinkinbeard's learn D3.js in 5 days, and am currently on day 3. I read through the first 2 days, and felt fairly comfortable with selecting elements, so I did not follow along on the first two days. I probably should have, but there are only so many hours in the day.Why Learn D3D3 is the ubiquitous dynamic visualization library for building custom…


April 22

Flexbox-zombiesI recently finished up the flexbox-zombies course to learn more about flexbox, and to become proficient with it. I can truly say that this course has changed the way that I create layouts. Flexbox is very intuitive now. What this course does really well at is explaining the concepts and hitting you with a ton of examples that you can work through really quickly.flexbox-zombiesA…

Stepping Up My SQL Game

March 25

Stepping up my SQL gameIn 2018 I transitioned from a Product Engineering (Mechanical) role to a Data Scientist Role. I entered this space with strong subject matter expertise with our products, our data, munging through data in pyhon, and data visualization in python. My sql skills were lacking to say the least. I had learned what I needed to know to get data from our relational databases, then…

No More Death By PowerPoint

December 31

No More Death By PowerPointI Waylon S. Walker vow that from this point forward I will no longer create powerpoints to be considerec DEATH BY POWERPOINTIf you have not seen David JP Phillips Death By PowerPoint TEDx, stop now and watch it. You will never look at slides the same again. Watching this video ruined me for watching presentations with these issues. Reveal is a tool that makes it very…

background tasks in python

September 16

background tasks in pythonI have tried most of the different methods in the past and found that copying and pasting the threadpoolexecutor example or the processpoolexecutor example from the standard library documentation to be the most reliable. Since this is often something that I stuff in the back of a utility module of a library it is not something that I write often enough to be familiar…

Pycon 2017 Roundup

May 30

Pycon 2017 RoundupGood afternoon fellow Data Geeks. Last week Pycon released 141 videos of greatness. Here are my top picks from the event.#3 Kelsey Hightower - Keynote - Pycon 2017Click to Watch#2 Al Sweigart Yes, It's Time to Learn Regular Expressions PyCon 2017Click to Watch#1 Trey Hunner Readability Counts PyCon 2017Click to WatchWhat's on TapThis afternoon we have a cup of from one of my…