This is episode 1 of the Waylon Walker Audio experience, posts from in audio form.

So I have had this idea for awhile to add audio to my blog posts. The idea partly comes from the aws blog, if you have ever been on their blog you will have noticed that they have a voiced by amazon polly section.

What to Expect

Honestly I don't know this is all new to me and I dont have much to go off of. For now its a test that may or may not work out.

I will say that the time that I have available for clean audio is a bit limited so expect these to come out in batches as I get time to go back and record.

What Not to Expect

One thing that makes the aws blog really hard to listen to is the robotic voice, I definitely don't want that. This will be voiced by a real human, Me. At the same time written text doesn't translate directly to audio well so don't necessarily expect the audio to be word for word.

Code blocks

There are a lot of code blocks in my blog, which don't translate directly into I will do my best to read short one liners or describe larger blocks, but don't expect a boring three minute read of large code blocks.


Expect to see these at the top of finished posts once I consider them done. I will not likely come back to edit the audio if there is an edit to the post unless its major. I will do my best to highlight changes in a note next to the embeded audio on the post.

Lets do this

If you like this idea give the posts a listen, share them with your friends, give me a shout out on twitter @_waylonwalker .


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