I have several feeds that you can consume my content with. Many posts will cross between them, so if you would like to follow a certain stream of content in your rss reader thats what this is for.


This is a feed of everything that I have published on my site to date.


This is a feed of all of my TIL's (Today I Learned). These are generally short single topic posts that I write up quickly. They are generally things that are fairly new to me, often things that I struggled to find support for on the internet, and felt that It needed yet one more article with my voice.


These are generally my thoughts on a web page or some sort of url, except a rare few don't have a link. These are dual published off of my thoughts.waylonwalker.com site. It's a fully dynamically rendered site 2000's style. Posts are stored in a database and instantly available. Almost all of the posts were written in a small <textarea> field within a chrome extension that I built for it.

These posts are intended to in two ways. One, link building for the author. I hope that I give the people helping me out along the way just a little bit of a boost. Two, they serve as a permanant commented bookmark for me to search, and come back to later when I have forgotten where I have seen something.


This is a shorter version of All, as it is filtered down to only the posts created within the last 30 days.


These are my full big B Blog posts. They are what I started writing, typically take a bit more time to put together. I write fewer of them these days than I used to. I'd like to think that they are the more polished posts of the bunch.


These are only the posts that went live the day that the site last built. If my scheduled builds keep working as intended they are today's posts.


These are all the posts related to the python programming language.


These are all the posts related to linux.


These are all the posts related to the greatest way to edit text, vim.

Careful, you might not make it out


These are all the posts related to the python data engineering framework kedro.


I used to do daily gratitude posts, I might get back into it.