๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi, I am Waylon Walker. Husband, Father of two, and creator things on the web, learning, and teaching others. I play lots of Minecraft, make art, and skate everyday with my kids. I finish the day binging episodes of Big Bang Theory with my wife.

I believe in a decentralized platform where everyone has their own space on this internet to share their thoughts and ideas. I created my blogging platform from scratch to learn about building tools with pluggy and diskcache. I was frustrated with long build times, black holes of node modules, bloated pages, and a lack of built in SEO tools. Instead I built my own under funded, over dreamed, nearly undocumented framework to that I love and maintain.

I am a Senior Software Engineer specializing in building data pipelines and web platforms with python.

If you are wondering how I built this site see about-this-site .