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"Don’t waste your time learning everything."

Inspired by this linkedIn post

I felt that this comment was very powerful. Here are my 2 cents.

Be Productive

Stick to what you know, and learn a little bit of something new every day. If what you know is how to use Excel like a boss, don't fee ashamed that you are missing something. Be proud and use what you know.

Don't Stagnate

Take small steps enhance what you know now with something new that you get you closer to where you want to be. If you need something that sci-py offers learn how to load in data and use that part. If your sick of waiting for IT to pull data out of the database so you can use it, learn that.

Dont Overwhelm Yourself

If you try to drop everything you know now and jump whole hog into these new flashy things its not going to work. Learn what you need to know. New things crop up very often. They will come and go. Some things will get traction, some will never get much traction past an impressive hello world example.

Keep your finger on new tech

Its important to keep your finger on the state of technology, but dont Overwhelm yourself learning every new thing that comes out. Make silly hello world examples in these new things and walk away. When its time to implement something new into a real project you will be ready and understand how to do it. If that thing dies its good that you didn't waste a lot of time on it, but chances are it inspired the thing that actually takes off. Then you will have some understanding of what the next thing is doing ahead of everyone else who missed out on the original.

I'll leave you with this inspirational video by Kitze

![]( 09-57-03_Microsoft Text Input Application.png)

Navigating the hype-driven frontend development world without going insane - KITZE