Can someone explain how or why twitter cards render differently from device to device? I do understand that twitter cards a built from meta tags, the full list can be found in their docs

Rendered on Mobile

Mobile Looks fine.

rendered card

Not Rendered on Desktop

On Desktop it is not picking up the image.

not rendered card

Twitter Card Validator

The Validator renders the card correctly. I tried the official twitter card validator, as well as, and All look good.

rendered card with validator

Can Cards be updated?

even with a redirect?

I tried seting up a pinned tweet that uses a netlify redirect to always keep my latest post up to date. Again this one looks good in the validator, doesnt render the image on desktop, does render the image on mobile, but does not update. I have heard that you need to hit the card validator to update cards? I am not sure if this is true, but for me this is not even upating the card.