Markata is a great python framework that allows you to go from markdown to a full website very quickly. You can get up and running with nothing more than Markdown. It is also built on a full plugin architecture, so if there is extra functionality that you want to add, you can create a plugin to make it behave like you want.

Full transparancy... I built markata.

The talk

The talk is live on YouTube. Make sure you check out the other videos from the conference. There were quite a few quality talks that deserve a watch as well.

"An astronaut working in a lab, hacking on a computer terminal, htop is running, shallow depth of field beakers, test tubes, volumetric lighting, pink lighting, by victo ngai, killian eng vibrant colours, dynamic lighting, digital art" -s50 -W768 -H448 -C7.5 -Ak_lms -S3617210203