This morning I log into my VCS and check activity on my projects to find that someone else has been very active on my projects fo the last few weeks. I quicklyhover over the missing avatar to find that It's Me. What's wrong here, why do I look like two different people throughout the day! upon further investigation I see the issue. while setting up a new terminal environment I mistyped my email address by one character. After much searching and a few failed attempts I was able to fix it by following an article no longer available (2021) from

Bare Clone

Clone the repo, note it must be a --bare clone.

git clone --bare
cd repo.git


Curl down the git-author-rewrite script and edit the following variables OLD_EMAIL CORECT_NAME CORRECT_EMAIL

curl >

Run the script, and push the updates.

git push --force --tags origin 'refs/heads/**'


Delete the --bare repo from your local machine.

cd ..
rm -rf repo.git

I hope this helps someone, or future me who needs to fix their information in git.