Glances is a system monitor with a ton of features, including docker processes.

I have started using portainer to look at running docker processes, its a great heavy-weight docker process monitor. glances works as a great lightweight monitor to just give you the essentials, ( Name, Status, CPU%, MEM, /MAX, IOR/s, IOW/s, Rx/s, Tx/s, Command)


You will need to install glances to use the glances webui. We can still use pipx to manage our virtual environment for us so that we do not need to do so manually or run the risk of globally installed package dependency hell.

pipx install glances
pipx inject glances "glances[docker]"

You will be presented with this success message.

  injected package glances into venv glances
done!  🌟 


Now running glances will also show information about your running docker containers.

running glances with docker installed will show your docker processes