2019 Goals


The year of intenionality

This is a follow up to my previous post 2018-retrospective


This year I will become more productive, by intensionally working on a well thought out plan, learning the right technologies, and leave behind a positive legacy.


Last year I was able to make some great strides in my productivity and focus. This year I want to be able to bring it up a notch. Intentionality plays a big part in this. Taking some time to sit down and think about the tasks you realistically want to complete for the day, then focusing on those tasks one at a time.

I started off the year last year using the pomodoro system to focus on one task and one task only for 25 minutes at a time. This worked really well for me but I quickly fell off of the train and fell into my old trap of reacting to the loudest customer over the items I put intensionally on my todo list.

A kanban system is key to keeping it intentional. I currently use a very simple trello system, with very few cards. This helps to stay on track during those 25 minutes. During the pomodoro session I move an item from todo, to doing, work that item, then move it to done when it is ready. The only other thing that I can do during that time is to add items to the todo list.

Leave a Legacy

I want to leave behind a legacy that I can be proud of. I want to be known for bringing a positive attitude that inspires others to do their best work, enourage others, and work as a team. It is in my blood to help as many people as I can. I am in a unique role and have a unique skill set that allows me to do what would take some hours and days in minutes and hours. I really enjoy helping these folks, but I know many of them are smart enough to do it on their own, they just do not know where to get started. For this reason I really want to amp up my docs this year. I want people to be able to answer 80% of their questions right from the docs before needing to come to me to get started. I want this to be part of the legacy that I leave with my projects for the next person that encounters them.


Last year I made monumental improvements to my web development while continuing to hone my backend skills. This year I want to amp up my web front end skills even more. I am finding this to be an area that not very many people in my organization have and I can knock out some simple projects really quick and gain a lot of value. Last year I started using react as a front end framework. I want to double down learning the intricicies of how it works, and how to effectively layout a react project. I also want to keep upping my design skills. As I do more layouts I find that they are easier and easier to layout, and as I am able to get them out faster it give me more time to hone in the design. Lastly I want to continue honing in my backend skills. Working with data pipelines, Linux command line, the cloud, and database architecture.


At home I want to continue being a positive person. Home is much harder to keep up a good attitude. Mostly because I care more about my family and its harder to walk away and forget about a bad interaction with them. I want to make sure that we keep up more positive interactions together as that will help everyone keep the positive attitude. Lastly I would like to keep in touch with family better. Rhiannon really loves a nice message to boost her day. I would like to send her a few longer messages per week, and to one other family member at least once per week. This can be in the form of a text, email, or hard copy letter in the mail.

Bring it on 2019 I am ready to take it on!