How I Kedro



I recently switched over to using Ubuntu, it works well pretty much out of the box for me. I am using gnome with a dark theme.

Gnome Terminal

I am still using the built in default gnome terminal, it just works. It does all the things that I need it to do. It supports transparency renders my fonts and allows me to highlight things well.


You can find my dotfiles on github. Feel free to read through and take anything that you find useful. I would encourage you not to steal them, but to integrate the parts that you want into your own dotfiles. dotfiles are a very personal thing. They are an extension of ones fingertips designed for how you think and type.


I use zsh as my default shell. I like to use it as my interactive shell. It works, and does a bit better with things like tab completion out of the box.


I use the starship prompt for my shell. It works well out of the box. It looks good and includes all of the information that I would ever need.



As a team lead I am in and out of many projects per day, tmux allows me to get in and out of these files with super speed. I was using a mix of vscode and tmux in until October 2020. At this point I got moved development machines and pushed myself to use only the terminal. I felt that vscode was just getting slower and slower, and I was getting less benefit from it. Especially now that the lsp is a part of nvim.



I really like the raw speed and customizability of neovim. You can see all the customization, and plugins I have added in my dotfiles.



I really like ipython, it lets me edit code in my code editor, then import it or run it quickly. Ipython gives me the right level of tooling. I don't need markdown mixed in my code, I put those notes into docstrings, a readme, or wiki. When I need to see plots I just store them as png or html and view them in my browser.

I do a bit of customization to my ipython session that you can find in my dotfiles repo. I use a custom prompt and use rich formatting and tracebacks if rich is installed.