Kedro new is simply a wrapper around the cookiecutter templating library. The kedro team maintains a ready made template that has everything you need for a kedro project. They also maintain a few kedro starters, which are very similar to the base template.


Unsure what kedro is, Check out yesterdays post on What is Kedro.


I reccomend using pipx when running kedro new. pipx is designed for system level cli tools so that you do not need to maintain a virtual environment or worry about version conflicts, pipx manages the environment for you.

The kedro team does not reccomend pipx in their docs as they already feel like there is a bit of a tool overload for folks that may be less familiar with

pipx kedro new

I like using pipx as it gives you better control over using a specific version or always the latest version, unlike when you run what you have on your system depends on when you last installed or upgraded.

Kedro New

The kedro team also has a set of starters, by passing in --starter you can start with a different template. Here is an example with the kedro spaceflights starter.

pipx run kedro new --starter spaceflights

Please enter a human readable name for your new project.
Spaces and punctuation are allowed.
 [New Kedro Project]: Spaceflights Complete

Repository Name:
Please enter a directory name for your new project repository.
Alphanumeric characters, hyphens and underscores are allowed.
Lowercase is recommended.

Python Package Name:
Please enter a valid Python package name for your project package.
Alphanumeric characters and underscores are allowed.
Lowercase is recommended. Package name must start with a letter
or underscore.

Change directory to the project generated in /home/u_walkews/git/spaceflights-complete

A best-practice setup includes initialising git and creating a virtual environment before running ``kedro install`` to install project-specific dependencies. Refer to the Kedro documentation:

Other versions of kedro with pipx

pipx not only ensures that you run the latest version, it can also run a very specific version.

pipx run --spec kedro==0.16.6 kedro new


The next post in this series will help you create your virtual environment for your new kedro project.