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With the realease of kedro==0.17.2 came a new module in the project template . Here are some notes that I learned while playing with this new module.

migrating to

You should now have something that looks like this in your src/<package-name>/ .

"""Project pipelines."""
from typing import Dict

from kedro.pipeline import Pipeline

def register_pipelines() -> Dict[str, Pipeline]:
    """Register the project's pipelines.

    Returns: A mapping from a pipeline name to a ``Pipeline`` object.
    return {"__default__": Pipeline([])}

pipeline_registry only works in kedro>=0.17.2

Conflict Resolution

What happens If I register pipelines in both places

I was not able to find any official documentation on how conflict resolution worked so I stepped into a project and added to both my and file. I noticed that it would pick up pipelines from both modules, but pipelines from always take precedence. The entire duplicate pipeline will be over written by the one from .

kedro automatically merges pipelines from both takes precedence

Ready to update

In my experience there were no issues upgrading from 0.17.1 to 0.17.2 . I would reccomend only having one register_pipelines so decide to migrate to the new or keep it in your , but both is only going to lead to confusion.