I stumbled into kubernetes December 2023 when I was looking for a better way to self host applications. I was looking for something that didn't require logging into a server and building and deploying like a cave man. I wanted a smoother experience than docker compose was giving me.



screenshot of https://kompose.io/

Kompose is a great tool for gettting going and converting your docker-compose to kubernetes manifests or helm templates. It was a great tool for me to get started with, but I was afraid that it was hindering me learning more and just blindly using its output so I have tried to use it less and less. I'm now not solely leaning on it, but using it to get out quick POCs with low friction.



screenshot of https://argoproj.github.io/cd/

Argo Rollouts


screenshot of https://argoproj.github.io/rollouts/



screenshot of https://sealed-secrets.netlify.app/