I just implemented a latest blog post link in Markata by asking for the first post slug from the blog feed. The implementation uses the jinja_md plugin to render jinja against the markdown and a tag to redirect.

My latest blog post is [[ {{ markata.feeds.blog.posts[0].slug }} ]].  Click the
link if you are not automatically redirected.

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url='/{{ markata.feeds.blog.posts[0].slug }}'" />  

Setting up the feed

Feeds are setup in markata.toml configuration. They provide a handy way to create an html feed, rss feed, and quickly reference a filtered set of posts like this.

# you will need to enable the jinja_md plugin along with the defaults
hooks = [

# set up the blog feed
slug = 'blog'
template = "feed.html"
filter = "date<=today and templateKey in ['blog-post'] and published"
sort = "date"
reverse = true

For more information on markata check out the full markata post.