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This is a post that may be a work in progress for awhile, Its a collections of thoughts on managing my blog, but could be translated into anythiung that is just a collection of markdown.

Listing things

  • posts
  • tags
  • draft posts


  • frontmatter
  • filepath
  • content
  • template
  • html

render content

  • Markdown.Markdown
  • support extentsions

frontmatter cleaning.

  • provide ways to hook in or clean up the frontmatter

Markata.Markata methods

  • load
  • render
  • save

Markata.Post methods

  • load
  • render
  • save

Markata plugins

  • before_load
  • beforepostload
  • after_load
  • afterpostload
  • before_save
  • beforepostsave
  • after_save
  • afterpostsave

Markata plugins

  • cleanse_frontmatter
  • html_feed
  • json_feed
  • rss_feed
  • save_posts


$ markata list tags

$ markata

    "title": "post title",
    "description": "this is a post",
    "filepath": "",
    "content": "the content of the post",
    "html": "<p>the content of the post</p>"

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