This is my first time journaling a Minecraft hardcore world, my son Wyatt is also documenting his journey in a survival world on

Day 0



I logged into a brand new hardcore world. I was welcomed by a great Acacia biome spawn full of resources. I quickly cut my first tree, crafted an axe and set out to find my first sheep. I was able to find enough sheep for a bed, several cows and pigs.

I crafted a set of wooden tools, and farmed out a wheat farm till my wooden hoed died at the shore of a nearby stream. I found a small stone outcropping in the side of a hill and harvested nearly a full stack of cobblestone from my first wooden pick.

I ended the first day by sleeping in my bed safe from mobs.


  • bed
  • furnace
  • stone
  • wheat farm

Day 1


Thoughout the course of day one I collected wood and started the framework for my new house.

Day 2


The sun sets over the new frame of my house on Day 1

Day two continued the framework of the house, and a bit of sand collection for windows. I was a bit late to bed and saw four mobs spawn on the journeymap before I made it in.

Day 3


end of day 2

On day three I completed the roofline of the base, gathered some wood, and cleared out all the grass in the tree farm. The tree farm has a fresh planting of oak and acacia trees in it.

Day 4

Thoughout day 4 I kept farming trees and creating my first outter perimeter fence made of oak.


end of day 3

Day 5


start of of day 5

On day 5 I completed the perimeter fence and worked on my first animal pen.


End of Day 5

Day 6

I completed another animal pen.


a new animal pen from day 6

Day 7

On day 7 I left the game paused and went to some meetings, I came back to a death screen 😥. I am not going out this way, I opened to lan with cheats and reset my gamemode to survival.


Day 8

I started a storage silo by doing some terraforming and placing down the first chests.


Day 9

On Day 9 I started a challenge from Wyatt to create a tiny base. I chose to make a secret storage area in the storage silo.


Day 10

On day 10 Wyatt joined me, he built a dock and I found a zombie spawner.


We conquered the Zombie Spawner


Standing on Wyatt's new dock

Day 11

Wyatt planted some beets, and made space for pumpkins.


Day 12

On day 12 we gathered up some farm animals.


Day 13-15

Wyatt and I went spelunking in the caves for iron.

Day 16

Wyatt started his floating base


Day 17

On Day 18 I created the crows nest on top of the storage silo.