Python comes with an enum module for creating enums. You can make your own enum by inheriting importing and inheriting from Enum.

from enum import Enum

class LifeCycle(Enum):
    configure = 1
    glob = 2
    pre_render = 3
    render = 4
    post_render = 5
    save = 6

auto incrementing

Enum values can be auto incremented by importing auto, and calling auto() as their value.

from enum import Enum, auto

class LifeCycle(Enum):
    configure = auto()
    glob = auto()
    pre_render = auto()
    render = auto()
    post_render = auto()
    save = auto()

using the enum

Enum's are accessed directy under the class itself, and have primarily two methods underneath each thing you make, .name and .value.


using the Lifecycle Enum