Resume Tips


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  • customize for the job
  • Why are you a good fit?
  • What will you bring to the role?
  • Give real outcomes
  • give real experience
  • Stop tech vomiting
  • if you link to GitHub

    • Make a profile readme
    • Guide me to your best work
    • have some activity
  • if you link to LinkedIn

    • Provide some benefit that is not on your resume
  • Have a logical flow of experience (dont make me hunt for past experience)
  • Keep it under 2 pages
  • Who you know.
  • Reference real experience

    • Deployed 12 data pipelines with over 500 nodes to process 200GB of data at a Fortune 100 company
    • vs
    • Knowledge of Data Engineering methodology with python EC2
  • Dont be so fluffy

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