I recently se tup minio object storage in my homelab for litestream sqlite backups. The litestream quickstart made it easy to get everything up and running on localhost, but I hit a wall when dns was involved to pull it from a different machine.

Here is what I got to work

First I had to configure the Key ID and Secret Access Key generated in the minio ui.

โฏ aws configure
AWS Access Key ID [****************VZnD]:
AWS Secret Access Key [****************xAm8]:
Default region name [us-east-1]:
Default output format [None]:

Then set the the s3 signature_version to s3v4.

aws configure set default.s3.signature_version s3v4

Now when I have minio running on https://my-minio-endpoint.com I can use the aws cli to access the bucket.

Note that https://my-minio-endpoint.com resolves to the bucket endpoint (default 9000) not the ui (default 9001).

aws --endpoint-url https://my-minio-endpoint.com s3 ls my_bucket

Now Configuring Litestream

Litestream also accepts the endpoint argument via config. I could not get it to work just with the ui.

Note the aws configure step above is not required for litestream, only the aws cli.

  - path: /path/to/database.db
      - url: s3://my_bucket/
        endpoint: https://my-minio-endpoint.com
        region: us-east-1
        access-key-id: ****************VZnD
        secret-access-key: ************************************xAm8

Now run a litestream replication.

litestream replicate -config litestream.yml
# or put the config in /etc/litestream.yml and just run replicate
litestream replicate