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Here's my thought on 💭 casey/just: 🤖 Just a command runner

I think just, might just be the thing I have been looking for. I've been looking for some ci/cd that I can host myself, but everything looks pretty big, so for now I am going to use just as my task runner.

I installed with installer.

curl https://i.wayl.one/casey/just | bash

I set up my devtainer builds with just. Here is my justfile, yes you just need the cli and a file named justfile.

default: base alpine slim
base: build deploy
alpine: build-alpine deploy-alpine
slim: build-slim deploy-slim

    podman build -t registry.wayl.one/devtainer:latest .
    podman push registry.wayl.one/devtainer

    podman build -f docker/Dockerfile.alpine -t registry.wayl.one/devtainer:alpine .
    podman push registry.wayl.one/devtainer:alpine

    podman build -f docker/Dockerfile.slim -t registry.wayl.one/devtainer:slim .
    podman push registry.wayl.one/devtainer:slim

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