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Here's my thought on 💭 (90) Kubernetes Secrets in 5 Minutes! - YouTube

I am converting my docker compose env secrets over to k8s secrets. This guide was clear and to the point how I can replicate this exact workflow.

First set the secret, the easiest way is to use kubectl wtih --from-literal because it automatically base64 encodes for you.

kubectl create secret generic minio-access-key --from-literal=ACCESS_KEY=7FkTV**** -n shot

If you don't use the --from-literal you will have to base64 encode it.

echo "7FkTV****" | openssl base64

Once you have your secret deployed, you have to update the container spec in your deployment manifest to get the valueFrom secretKeyRef.

        - env:
            - name: ACCESS_KEY
                  key: ACCESS_KEY
                  name: minio-access-key
            - name: SECRET_KEY
                  key: SECRET_KEY
                  name: minio-secret-key
          image: registry.wayl.one/shot-scraper-api
          name: shot-wayl-one
            - containerPort: 5000
              protocol: TCP
          resources: {}
      restartPolicy: Always

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