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Here's my thought on 💭 Retrieve an upcoming invoice | Stripe API Reference

You can find your customers next billing date through the stripe api by using Invoice. and passing in customer, customer_details, subscription, or schedule.

import stripe
stripe.api_key = "sk_test_51ODvHtB26msLKqCAPBAo1qkBBuIfT5tQBX6YFWCLMsPixIExxITCRVa9tNCIqkdQS8olhR79NYXsFWBPKsM3LbGO00zEcNQfNI"
invoice = stripe.Invoice.upcoming(customer="cus_NeZwdNtLEOXuvB")

Within the invoice, you can find the next_payment_attempt as a epoch.

date = datetime.fromtimestamp(invoice.next_payment_attempt)
amount = invoice.amount_due
currency = invoice.currency

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