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Here's my thought on 馃挱 Protect API docs behind authentication? 路 Issue #364 路 tiangolo/fastapi

You can protect your fastapi docs behind auth so that not only can certain roles not run certain routes, but they cannot even see the docs at all. This way no one that shouldn't be poking around can even discover routes they shouldn't be using.

Here is the soluteion provided by @kennylajara

from fastapi import FastAPI

from import get_redoc_html, get_swagger_ui_html
from fastapi.openapi.utils import get_openapi

import secrets

from fastapi import Depends, FastAPI, HTTPException, status
from import HTTPBasic, HTTPBasicCredentials

app = FastAPI(
    openapi_url = None,

security = HTTPBasic()

def get_current_username(credentials: HTTPBasicCredentials = Depends(security)):
    correct_username = secrets.compare_digest(credentials.username, "user")
    correct_password = secrets.compare_digest(credentials.password, "password")
    if not (correct_username and correct_password):
        raise HTTPException(
            detail="Incorrect email or password",
            headers={"WWW-Authenticate": "Basic"},
    return credentials.username

@app.get("/docs", include_in_schema=False)
async def get_swagger_documentation(username: str = Depends(get_current_username)):
    return get_swagger_ui_html(openapi_url="/openapi.json", title="docs")

@app.get("/redoc", include_in_schema=False)
async def get_redoc_documentation(username: str = Depends(get_current_username)):
    return get_redoc_html(openapi_url="/openapi.json", title="docs")

@app.get("/openapi.json", include_in_schema=False)
async def openapi(username: str = Depends(get_current_username)):
    return get_openapi(title=app.title, version=app.version, routes=app.routes

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