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Here's my thought on 💭 searching my thoughts locally

First I need to fetch my thoughts from the api, and put it in a local sqlite database using sqlite-utils.

fthoughts () {
    # fetch thoughts
    curl 'https://thoughts.waylonwalker.com/posts/waylonwalker/?page_size=9999999999' | sqlite-utils insert ~/.config/thoughts/database2.db post --pk=id --alter --ignore -

Now that I have my posts in a local sqlite database I can use sqlite-utils to enable full text search and populate the full text search on the post table using the title message and tags columns as search.

sthoughts () {
    # search thoughts
    # sqlite-utils enable-fts ~/.config/thoughts/database2.db post title message tags
    # sqlite-utils populate-fts ~/.config/thoughts/database2.db post title message tags
    sqlite-utils search ~/.config/thoughts/database2.db post "$*" | ~/git/thoughts/format_thought.py | bat --style=plain --color=always --language=markdown

alias st=sthoughts

Now I am ready to search my thoughts, which is a tiny blog format that I created mostly for leaving my own personal comment on web pages, so most of them have a link to some other online content, and their title is based on the authors title.

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