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Here's my thought on πŸ’­ My workflow, part 1

Carlos has a pretty sick setup here, I can relate to mostly, cept the macos part. My main critique is that I don't think he gave window managers much chance on linux, and they just don't work on MacOS/Windows.

Most of the time I have a single, maximized window.

I can relate to this. I should really make a full post about my experience with tiling window managers. TLDR, I came for tiling and I stayed for the workspaces.

Multiple Displays An exception here could be streaming: having multiple displays can help preventing doxing yourself if you only share the screen of one of them. I only did stream like 3 times and that’s what I did, but I’m sure experienced streamers have better workflows (with or without multiple displays).

Accurate, my home machine uses one monitor, and for work I use one monitor+laptop. I pair, screenshare, and present quite a bit at work, and its good to have one screen for sharing, and one for seeing things like the app you are sharing from (chat, cams, etc)

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