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Here's my thought on 💭 Joining the split keyboards club: a Moonlander story

I switched from a 60% vortex pok3r to a 40% corne June, 2021. I can relate to a lot of what Carlos talks about here. I think going from 60%-40% made my journey harder than it needed to be. There's no going back now, but it took me a really long time to be able to hit all of the numbers and symbols, just figuring out how to do the layout was hard there's not much space.

I didn’t touch type. I never really used my pinkies, except maybe for ESC, Shift, CTRL, Backspace et al.

I can relate to this, my typing habits were terrible. Shortly before going split ortho I worked on my speed with lots, and lots of practice on keybr and monkeytype. I took my speed from 35wpm to 80wpm with a few months of steady practice. This is one of the best things I did for myself.

Once I got split it dropped down to single digits and slowly rose back up to 80, just barely breaking my PB on monkeytype.

I still feel like I still can’t type at my previous max speed — mostly because I wasn’t used to use my pinky and used the “wrong finger” for a lot of keys, but, nevertheless: I got there! I can touch type now! Yay! 🥳

I feel this! I'm pretty sure that I could still type faster on a normal keeb given some practice, but damn a split ortho is so comfy. A normal row stagger feels like its twisting my fingers.

Update: my top speed was 125wpm for 10 words, and I can comfortably type between 80-100wpm now. Good enough.

Damn thats good.

The bad news is that I’ll need to bring my keyboard with me everywhere I go now…

Yes, normal keebs feel awkward and like your fingers are all twisted up.

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