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Here's my thought on 💭 (345) Dax Raad - SST, Build modern full-stack applications on AWS with Ease - YouTube

such a sick episode with dax.

SST's free tier will be free as long as aws allows a free tier, their free tier literally costs them nothing.

They talked about keeping SST small, the limitations that brings, but also the number of problems that just go away when you only have 3 people building. Lots of process disappears, everyone can trust everyone, no one needs to wait for approval, everyone is their own PM and just builds cool shit. They don't have to worry about big costs and making payroll because they are profitable so much higher than their costs.

If they can get through phase one of just being the go platform for a very specific audience of users, and gain marketshare, the ideas of offerings on top of this are endless.

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