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Here's my thought on šŸ’­ A quote from Tim Paul

Damn this Tim Paul quote finishes hard and such a good point. None of the stuff around llms just work. Good ui's, front end, back end, infrastructure, product. All these things still need to exist, and in fact for ai to be good we need to still go hard on them otherwise everything will die in a heaping pile of ai slop

Iā€™m no developer, but I got the AI part working in about an hour.

What took longer was the other stuff: identifying the problem, designing and building the UI, setting up the templating, routes and data architecture.

It reminded me that, in order to capitalise on the potential of AI technologies, we need to really invest in the other stuff too, especially data infrastructure.

It would be ironic, and a huge shame, if AI hype sucked all the investment out of those things.

ā€” Tim Paul

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