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Here's my thought on 💭 How Ahrefs Gets a Billion Dollar-Worth Infrastructure With a 90% Discount | by Efim Mirochnik | May, 2024 | Ahrefs

2024 has been a wild year for infra with going "back" to on prem being made popular by @dhh. Well it looks like ahrefs saw right through the cloud trends an decided to ride the anti cloud train until it came back around to the station.

Being just a bit critical of the article it is impossible to get an apples to apples without actually running something of this scale and spending too much to find out. I cant imagine raw ec2 and ebs being the cheapest route into aws. They used no serverless tech in their article, but I digress, because I like this own your shit and build good product train.

What about People?!

This follow up does dive into the typical gut reaction that people cost a lot of money, you must account for them. You see when you hire people who are actually good at what they do, and run lean a lot of cost goes away, you have levels of management that disappear, levels of tooling that don't need to exist, departments of IT don't need to exist.

Colo's are the new hotness, and will continue to grow!

I just notices that they didn't even account for egress, support and taxes, egress costs would make a difference.

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