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Here's my thought on 💭 How to Deliver Code Every Day | Jake Worth

Great set of tips here!

No waiting. No “waiting until tomorrow” or “It’s Friday, let’s wait until Monday” to deploy. If your deploys are so slow that deploying an hour before the end of the day is a risk, that’s a separate problem. If you’re afraid of a Friday deploy, your system is too brittle, or you don’t have foolproof rollback procedures, or you don’t have people you trust on call to resolve it. Each of these is a problem that you can fix.

This one I find interesting I think there are some industries where customers come in large waves over the weekend, and a weekend bug can not only ruin someones day off, take longer to fix, but also cost a lot of money.

Not deploying on Friday is totally what that team should be doing.

Most of us are not that team. Most of us work on small teams supporting some sort of product that Should be able to be tested and rolled back. I completely agree with Jake here, if your not willing to deploy on Friday you are not confident in your product. You need to work on better testing, rollback strategies, and feature flagging is what you need.

I've also been on teams where we don't deploy in the middle of the day or right before we leave for vacation because we are early, our customers are important to us, and we accept that we have not hit our marks yet on the ability to swiftly recover from some downtime so risk is high.

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