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Here's my thought on 💭 Header Parameters - FastAPI

Getting request headers in fastapi has a pretty nice stetup, it allows you to get headers values as function arguments,

I was able to use headers to detect if a request was made from htmx or not.

If the request was made from htmx, then we want a html format, otherwise I'm probably hitting the api programatically from something like curl or python

async def post_post(
    request: Request,
    post: PostCreate,
    current_user: Annotated[User, Depends(try_get_current_active_user)],
    session: Session = Depends(get_session),
    is_hx_request: Annotated[str | None, Header()] = None,
) -> PostRead:
    "create a post"
    print('hx_request', hx_request)
    db_post = Post.from_orm(post)
    if is_hx_request:
        return templates.TemplateResponse("post_item.html", {"request": request, "config": config, "post": db_post})
    return db_post

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