Tmux List-Keys

Tmux list keys can be a useful tool to help remind you of what kebindings you have setup. You can search for them and scroll just like in tmux copy-mode.

command line

You can call list-keys from the command line but the interface is not very usable by itself. It might be nice to mix with grep or a pager in some circumstances.

tmux list-keys

tmux command line

Running list-keys from within the tmux command line puts you into a much more pleasant copy-mode.


default keybinging

By default tmux comes with list-keys bound to prefix+?.

bind-key          ? list-keys

list-keys man page

You can see the additional flags provided by tmux in the man page for list-keys.

list-keys [-1aN] [-P prefix-string -T key-table] [key]
            (alias: lsk)

        List key bindings.  There are two forms: the default lists keys as
        bind-key commands; -N lists only keys with attached notes and shows
        only the ke y and note for each key.

        With the default form, all key tables are listed by default.  -T lists only keys in key-table.

        With the -N form, only keys in the root and prefix key tables are
        listed by default; -T also lists only keys in key-table.  -P specifies
        a prefix to print before each key and -1 lists only the first matching
        key.  -a lists the command for keys that do not have a note rather than
        skipping them.

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