Copier is a fantastic templating library written in python, but older versions have a dangerous bug if you are using it inside of existing directories.


As of May 15, 2022, the stable release of copier now includes these changes, if you have not already make sure you update.

This is a PSA

I Use copier several times per day and get fantastic benefit from this project, this post is not intended to crap all over copier in any way, but is rather a PSA for other users who do use copier like I do so that they know the dangers of using copier inside an existing directory.

The issue

The fix

As of the time of writing this version is still in beta, if you still want to use copier with existing directtories, I'd strongly encourage you to install the --pre release.

pipx install copier --pip-args='--pre'


copier --version
# copier 6.0.0b0

My update commit