Your linkedin link sits at the top of your resume, its one of the first things I see when I open your resume, but yet it gives me no more information that the damn resume you sent me.

Save that space on your resume for something useful.

So you want that /in/me on your resume

Fine if you want it on your resume make it actually useful for someone reading your resume.

Actually post something

If I am reading resume's and I actually take the time to look at your linkedin I want to see you post something. Take a side, make an opinion and post it. Learn something new, make a post about it. If you have a blog and you make a good post share it there.

Your work history belongs on your resume

Any security 101 tells you that you should not share your work history on linked in. You should not share photos of you at your workplace that include sensitive information such as your badge.

Your work history on LinkedIn is for hackers to steal and use for social engineering.

If you took security seriously you would not include you work history at all, and any hiring manager who gives a shit would see that and should understand. Reality is that they probably don't and it probably raised more questions than answers for them.


Congrats on your work anniversary

All these comments and messages are auto generated, both sides know it and its garbage. If you actually care about someones work history or achievements take 30s to craft a message of your own to them, that actually means something and is not garbage.


If you are not going to take the time and effort to make something worth sharing, take your garbage profile off your resume.o