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Converting markdown posts to pdf on ubuntu takes a few packages from the standard repos. I had to go through a few stack overflow posts, and nothing seemed to have all the fonts and packages that I needed to convert markdown, but this is what ended up working for me.

Installing all the packages

sudo apt install \
  pandoc \
  texlive-latex-base \
  texlive-fonts-recommended \
  texlive-extra-utils \
  texlive-latex-extra \

Using pandoc to convert markdown to a pdf.

# older versions of pandoc, I needed this one on ubuntu 18.04
pandoc pages/til/ -o convert-markdown-pdf.pdf --latex-engine=xelatex
# newer versions of pandoc, I needed this one on ubuntu 21.04
pandoc pages/til/ -o convert-markdown-pdf.pdf --pdf-engine=xelatex

results of converting this post to a pdf

Here is an image of what converting this article over to a pdf looks like. The raw markdown is here.