Silence Kedro Logs

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Kedro can have a quite chatty logger. While this is super nice in production so see everything that happened during a pipeline run, this can be troublesome while trying to implement a cli extension with clean output.

Silence a Python log

First how does one silence a python log? Python loggers can be retrieved by the logging modules getLogger function, then their log level can be changed. Much of kedro's chattyness comes from INFO level logs. For my current use case I don't want to hear about anything unless its really important, i.e. there was a failure. In this case I am going to set the log levels to ERROR as most errors should stop execution anyways.

python logging levels

Level Numeric value


Getting a python logger is straightforward if we know the name of the logger. The following block will grab the logger object for the logger currently registered under the name passed in.

logger = logging.getLogger('kedro')

Set Level

Once we get the logger we need to silence it by setting the log level. Typically its not appropriate to completely turn off loggers as you would still want information in the case of a complete failure. If you are doing building a cli such as one that prints out the pipelines to the console you may not want to see logs that happen during normal operation as this would make it more difficult to integrate with other shell applications.


Note: it is possible to set the log level before kedro even registers the logger, if there is no logger currently setup under getLogger, it will create one.

Silent all kedro loggers

As of kedro==0.17.3 This function covers every logger that is issued by kedro. I generated this list of known_kedro_loggers by looking through their codebase and filling in a few others I found by running it.

def silent_loggers() -> None:
    """All logs need to be silent in order for a clean kedro diff output."""
    known_kedro_loggers = [
    for logger in [
        *list(logging.root.manager.loggerDict.keys()),  # type: ignore