This morning I was trying to install a modpack on my minecraft server after getting a zip file, and its quite painful when I unzip everything in the current directory rather than the directory it belongs in.

I had the files on a Windows Machine

So I've been struggling to get mods installed on linux lately and the easiest way to download the entire pack rather than each mod one by one seems to be to use the overwolf application on windows. Once I have the modpack I can start myself a small mod-server by zipping it, putting it in a mod-server directory and running a python http.server

python -m http.server

Downoading on the server

Then I go back to my server and download the modpack with wget.


Unzip to the minecraft-data directory

Now I can unzip my mods into the minecraft-data directory.

unzip -d minecraft-data

Running the server with docker

I run the minecraft server with docker, which is setup to mount the minecraft-data directory.

A bit more on that in the other post, but when I download the whole modpack like this I make these changes to my docker compose. (commented out lines)

version: "3.8"

    container_name: walkercraft
    image: itzg/minecraft-server:java8
      EULA: "TRUE"
      TYPE: "FORGE"
      VERSION: 1.15.2
      # MODS_FILE: /extras/mods.txt
      # REMOVE_OLD_MODS: "true"
    tty: true
    stdin_open: true
    restart: unless-stopped
      - 25565:25565
      - ./minecraft-data:/data
      # - ./mods.txt:/extras/mods.txt:ro