I often pop into my blog from neovim with the intent to look at just a single series of posts, til, gratitude, or just see todays posts. Markata has a great way of mapping over posts and returning their path that is designe exactly for this use case.

Markata listing out posts from the command line

To tie these into a Telescope picker you add the command as the find_command, and comma separate the words of the command, with no spaces. I did also --sort,date,--reverse in there so that the newest posts are closest to the cursor.

nnoremap geit <cmd>Telescope find_files find_command=markata,list,--map,path,--filter,date==today<cr>
nnoremap geil <cmd>Telescope find_files find_command=markata,list,--map,path,--filter,templateKey=='til',--sort,date,--reverse<cr>
nnoremap geig <cmd>Telescope find_files find_command=markata,list,--map,path,--filter,templateKey=='gratitude',--sort,date,--reverse<cr>

NOTE telescope treates each word as a string, do not wrap an extra layer of quotes around your words, it gets messy.

using this picker in neovim