I recently found a really great plugin by mhinz to open files in neovim from a different tmux split, without touching neovim at all.


neovim-remote is not a neovim plugin at all, it's a python cli that you can install with pip. Unlike the repo suggests, I use pipx to install nvr.

pipx install neovim-remote

How I use it

I have this added to my .envrc that is in every one of my projects. This will tie a neovim session to that directory, and all directories under it.

export NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS=/tmp/nvim-$(basename $PWD)

In my workflow I open a tmux session for each project, so this essentially ties a neovim session to a tmux session.

Open neovim

First open neovim, but with the nvr command. This will open neovim, and look pretty much the same as always.


If you try to run nvr again in another shell nothing will happen as its already runnin under that address, but if you give it a filename it will open the file in the first instance of neovim that you opened.

nvr readme.md