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Here's my thought on 💭 A Link Blog in the Year 2024 | Kellan Elliott-McCrea: Blog

Kellan brings some interesting thoughts on where the internet is headed in 2024. Interestingly I see myself headed in a similar direction. Feeling like I know just enough to say fuck it and build my own platform for me to me me, from thoughts where I link and make thoughts on posts like this, to reader which is my rss reader replacement that I wanted in 2013 when it was killedbygoogle

And particular with the collapse of the social spaces many of us grew up with, I feel called back to earlier forms of the Internet, like blogs, and in particular, starting a link blog.

Ai has really had quite the two sided effect since chatgpt launched and set the world ablaze. Suddenly you can get any answer you want as a custom fit blog post for free without effort, thus killing the traffic to any of these sites.

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