New window as it sounds makes new windows in tmux. Windows are kind of like tabs. They are another screen within your sessions that you can name and make new panes in.

Default key bindings for creating and navigating windows in tmux.

bind-key          c new-window
bind-key          p previous-window
bind-key          n next-window

As always I have rebound these keys because I generally prefer a single keystroke over the prefix plus keybinding approach that tmux gives by default.

bind -n M-c new-window -c '#{pane_current_path}'
bind -n M-p previous-window
bind -n M-n next-window

When I started using tmux I did almost everything in one giant session with many panes and windows. It became a nightmare to manage and quickly get between two sets work efficiently. This year I leaned in on sessions quite heavily. Checkout this 👇 post to see that workflow in depth.


for more information on how I navigate tmux, check out this full post