Tmux Prefix

The prefix key is an essential part of tmux, by default all of tmux's key-bindings sit behind a prefix. This prefix is very similar to vim's leader key. It is common for folks to change the default C-b (control b) to C-a or if they are a vim user something to match their vim leader key.

set -g prefix C-Space
bind Space send-prefix

A few of the essential default key-bindings.

%      vertical split
"      horizontal split
d      detach

up     select up one pane
down   select down one pane
right  select right one pane
left   select left one pane

t      clock
o      swap panes
c      create window
n      next window
p      previous window

A more complete list of key-bindings can be found in this gist

for more information on how I navigate tmux, check out this full post