I have no experience in django, and in my exploration to become a better python developer I am dipping my toe into one of the most polished and widely used web frameworks Django to so that I can better understand it and become a better python developer.

If you found this at all helpful make sure you check out the django tutorial

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install django

The first thing I need to do is render out a template to start the project. For this I need the django-admin cli. To get this I am going the route of pipx it will be installed globally on my system in it's own virtual environment that I don't have to manage. This will be useful only for using startproject as far as I know.

pipx install django
django-admin startproject try_django
cd try_django


Make a venv

Once I have the project I need a venv for all of django and all of my dependencies I might need for the project. I have really been diggin hatch lately, and it has a one line "make a virtual environment and manage it for me" command.

hatch shell


If hatch is a bit bleeding edge for you, or it has died out by the time you read this. The ol trusty venv will likely stand the test of time, this is what I would use for that.

python -m .venv --prmpt `basename $PWD`
. ./.venv/bin/activate

Start the webserver

Next up we need to start the webserver to start seeing that development content. The first thing I did was run it as stated in the tutorial and find it clashed with a currently running web server port.

python manage.py runserver


I jumped over to that tmux session, killed the process and I was up and running.


What's running

The default django hello world looks well designed. You are first presented with this page.



I opened up the urls.py to discover that the only configured url was at /admin. I tried to log in as admin, but was unable to as I have not yet created a superuser. Next time I play with django that is what I will explore.

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