Vim Wsl Clipboard

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I've long used neovim from within windows wsl, and for far too long, I went without a proper way to get text out of it and into windows.

wsl has access to cmd applications

wsl can access clip.exe. You can do some cool things with it, such as cat a file into the clipboard, sending output from a command to the clipboard, or set an autocmd group in vim to send yank to the windows clipboard.

using clip.exe

Let's say you want to send a teammate the tail of a log file over chat. You can tail the file into clip.exe.

tail -n 1 info.log | clip.exe

pipe streams of text into clip.exe

make it a bit more natural

I recently made mine feel a bit more natural by aliasing it to clip.

alias clip=clip.exe

pop this in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc

yanking to windows clipboard from vim

I use neovim as my daily text editor and its a pain to share code with a teammate over chat, stack overflow, into a gist, or whatever you need. The following snippet has been quite useful and flawless for me.

if system('uname -r') =~ "Microsoft"
    augroup Yank
        autocmd TextYankPost * :call system('/mnt/c/windows/system32/clip.exe ',@")
        augroup END

add this to your ~/.vimrc or your ~/.config/nvim/init.vim